Announcing DiGRA Korea!


Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to announce DiGRA Korea!

The DiGRA KR chapter is at the forefront of advancing the field of game studies in South Korea, while also fostering a collaborative environment with the global game studies community. The chapter was founded in December 2022 by a group of distinguished members, including Tae-Jin Yoon, Dal-Yong Jin, Kyounil Kim, Yaewon Jin, Bora Na, Jung-Yeop Lee, and Veli-Matti Karhulahti, along with esteemed affiliated organizations such as YEGER, TGSI, and the Game Culture Foundation. The proposal was met with great enthusiasm and was officially accepted by the DiGRA board in January 2023.

DiGRA KR invites game researchers, scholars, students, industry professionals, and grassroots participants in South Korea to join the chapter and actively engage in the dynamic discourse surrounding game studies. Additionally, the chapter extends its invitation to worldwide researchers and industry members who share a passion for South Korean games and gaming culture. With a commitment to exploring novel approaches to game studies, DiGRA KR aims to cultivate a vibrant community of scholars and industry professionals dedicated to advancing the field of game studies in South Korea and beyond.

Goals of the Chapter

  • Elevate the visibility of Korean Game Studies on the global stage
  • Foster deeper connections between the international game research community and the Korean game research community
  • Broaden the scope of Korean game studies and explore interdisciplinary and open science approaches to next-gen game research
  • Build a strong network that encourages regular conversations and collaborations among Korean game researchers, students, industry professionals, and grassroots participants
  • Create a safe space that respects inclusion and diversity for all levels of researchers, students, and other members
  • Enable early-career scholars to develop their work nationally and internationally and offer opportunities for their professional growth
  • Promote the participation of Korean researchers living and working abroad and researchers of other nationalities who have a keen interest in Korean game-related topics
  • Engage with a diverse community of scholars and industry professionals to promote innovative research that will enrich the field of game studies and advance the Korean game industry.

Current Board Members (Alphabetical Order)

Bora Na | Postdoc Researcher, University of Jyväskylä
ByungKyu Kim | Adjunct Professor, Seoul National University, School of Law
Deukwoo Lee | Professor, Chungkang College of Cultural Industries
Jongyoon Lee | Department Manager, Nexon Korea Government Relationship & Policy Dept.
JyungYeop Lee | Associate Professor, Soonchunhyang University
Kun-Woo Park | Professor, Korea University, College of Medicine
Kyoungil Kim | Professor, Aju University, Department of Psychology
Minseok Kwon | Division Director, Netmarble Corp. Policy Division
Philsoo Shin |  Head of CR, Krafton, Inc. Corporate Relations Dept.
Shin-Kyu Kang | Research Fellow, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation, Media & Advertising Research Institute
Solip Park | Doctoral researcher at Aalto University
Tae-Jin Yoon | Professor, Yonsei University, Graduate School of Communication and Arts
Yaewon Jin | Principal Researcher, The Game-n-Science Institute


Email: digrakr@tgsi.or.kr
Discord: https://discord.gg/zaZF3Raw
Phone: +82 2 586 3740
Website : http://tgsi.or.kr/content/digra



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