DiGRA Chapters

Local chapters welcome DiGRA members and newcomers to meet, 
discuss and socialize. Learn more about each individual chapter in our directory below.

British DiGRA

British DiGRA is the UK chapter of the Digital Games Research Association. Following a vote at out 2017 Conference we decided on a name change from UK Digra and a re-launch of sorts.

Chinese DiGRA

Chinese DiGRA is a network of academic and non-academic game researchers committed to developing Chinese game research and connecting it with the wider community.

DiGRA Australia

Further details on the Australian chapter of DiGRA are available here: http://digraa.org/

DiGRA Belgium

DiGRA Belgium’s objective is twofold. First, to facilitate dynamic collaborations and unite game studies researchers on a national and transregional level. Second, to forge sustainable international relationships through a series of activities organized in Belgium.

DiGRA Brazil

DiGRA Brazil is the official branch of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) in Brazil.

DiGRA Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

DiGRA CEE aims to support and develop the academic debate within game studies and related fields in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

DiGRA Croatia

DiGRA Croatia seeks to promote stronger networking between researchers and people within the video game industry as means of establishing a firmer, more cohesive base for studies of the future of video game industry.

DiGRA India

India’s ludic history is rich and ancient; the world’s longest epic, ‘The Mahabharata’ has as one of its crucial episodes, a dice-game match, and the consensus among games historians is that Chess originated from chaturanga, the four-handed strategy game.

DiGRA Ireland

The Irish Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA Ireland) is a network of academic and non-academic scholars who commit to develop research on games in Ireland.

DiGRA Mexico

DIGRA Mexico is the official branch of the Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) in Mexico.

DiGRA Spain

The Spanish Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA Spain) is a network of scholars committed to develop research on games in Spain and in the Spanish language.

Dutch DiGRA

Welcome to the Dutch DiGRA Chapter – the forum for game research in the Netherlands. The first meeting of the Dutch DiGRA Chapter was held 23 September 2005 in Utrecht.

Finnish DiGRA

Suomen pelitutkimuksen seura ry on toiminut DiGRA:n Suomen paikallisjaostona marraskuusta 2021 alkaen. Seuran jäsenet voivat halutessaan liittyä myös DiGRA:n jäseniksi.

German-speaking Countries DiGRA

Like the acronym D-A-CH (roof) insinuates, the chapter aims at representing Europe’s German-speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland and to create an infrastructure to support conferences, joint research and publications.

Israeli DiGRA

The place for researchers, students, instructional designers specialists, teachers and other parties interested in games studies in Israel.

Italian DiGRA

The Italian Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA Italia) is a network of academic and non-academic scholars who commit to develop research on games in Italy and in Italian language.

Japanese DiGRA

Digital Games Research Association Japan (DiGRA Japan) is a nonprofit academic society recognized by the Science Council of Japan, whose work focuses on digital games research and associated activities.

Turkish DiGRA

DiGRA TR is positioned at the intersection of the Turkish community game researchers and the world wide community of game research.

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