Diversity Awards of Distinction @ Indy Pop Con

Syzanne Freyjadis writes:
Video Game Palooza and Round Table Media is organizing and promoting a Diversity in Gaming Roundtable @ Indy Pop Con. The goal of this round table panel discussion is to both represent and discuss diversity in the video game industry. Video Game Palooza will create a panel discussion and open forum that will comprise of professionals in the video game industry that represent the best in their field. We will have a moderated open discussion on current industry challenges and things game developers are doing today in order to increase awareness about Diversity in the industry.

Video Game Palooza and Round Table Media presents Diversity in Gaming Roundtable and Diversity Awards of Distinction @ Indy Pop Con

June 26-28, 2015


Diversity in Gaming Roundtable

Some of the topics will include:

Topic 1 : Equal Inclusion of women in video game content; Topic 2: Showing Diversity “in game”

Diversity Awards of Distinction

In addition to the roundtable discussion, Video Game Palooza will be soliciting feedback and proof from the Independent game companies on Diversity. We will have a category award winner showing Diversity practices in their current workplace as well as a winner for ideas that are real-world implementable from a practical perspective.

a. What my company is doing to promote diversity in Gaming with concrete examples and
introducing people who have promoted this in their company

b. Some actionable items that all game companies can take with step by step examples of how
Diversity will help their own company, other companies and the industry in general to
promote a Diverse workforce

Finally, we will provide a “Best in Show” award of $5,000 to the video game that highlights diversity

IN GAME with respect to content. The award will mirror the same guidelines as the main award but will obviously focus on the diversity shown inside the game.

SEEKING: Title level sponsor to provide $10,000 in cash and prizing donations that will fund the Diversity Award as well covering flight/travel expenses for Keynotes and marketing/operational expenses.

Questions? Contact Carmen DeMint – Carmen@roundtablemediallc.com

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