New Issue of Games and Culture Journal Out Now (Vol 5, Issue 4)

Table of Contents is available online at:


Digital Games and Escapism
Gordon Calleja
Games and Culture 2010;5 335-353

Computer Games and Sociocultural Play: An Activity Theoretical Perspective
Chee Siang Ang, Panayiotis Zaphiris, and Stephanie Wilson
Games and Culture 2010;5 354-380

Where’s My Montage? The Performance of Hard Work and Its Reward in Film, Television, and MMOGs
Mia Consalvo, Timothy Dodd Alley, Nathan Dutton, Matthew Falk, Howard Fisher, Todd Harper, and Adam Yulish
Games and Culture 2010;5 381-402

What Is Video Game Culture? Cultural Studies and Game Studies
Adrienne Shaw
Games and Culture 2010;5 403-424

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