Book: Video Game Policy: Production, Circulation, Consumption

Steven Conway and Jennifer deWinter are delighted to announce their new edited collection Video Game Policy: Production, Circulation, Consumption from Routledge. In this book, you will find an international approach from game studies scholars, media scholars, lawyers, and policy makers engaging with questions concerning games, policy, and power.

See the table of contents below and the discount code here (enter FLR40 at check out if ordering through Routledge’s website). The promotional flier is also available at Amazon also has an ebook version that is significantly cheaper than this first run release price.

Video Game Policy: Production, Circulation, Consumption
Eds. Steven Conway and Jennifer deWinter

Steven Conway & Jennifer deWinter

Intellectual Property, Privacy, & Copyright
Chapter 1: Law of the Game: Intellectual Property in the Video Game Industry
Mark Methenitis
Chapter 2: Digital Locks, Labor, and Play in Canada’s Copyright Policy: Filtering Power Through Configurations of Game Development
Owen Livermore
Chapter 3: The Princess Doesn’t Leave the Castle: How Nintendo’s WiiWare Imprisons Indie Game Design
Theo Plothe
Chapter 4: Policies, Terms of Service, and Social Networking Games
Stephanie Vie

Rating Systems and Cultural Politics
Chapter 5: E(SRB) Is for Everyone: Game Ratings and the Practice of Content Evaluation
Judd Ethan Ruggill and Ken S. McAllister
Chapter 6: Games For Grown-Ups?: An Historical Account of the Australian Classification System
Steven Conway & Laura Crawford
Chapter 7: Rockstar Versus Australia
Mark Finn
Chapter 8: Play Britannia: The Development of UK Video Game Policy
Ren Reynolds

Violence in Video Games
Chapter 9: Re-conceptualizing Game Violence: Who Is Being Protected and From What?
Gareth Schott & Frans Mäyrä
Chapter 10: Playing Around with Causes of Violent Crime: Violent Video Games as a Diversion from the Policy Challenges Involved in Understanding and Reducing Violent Crime
James D. Ivory & Adrienne Holz Ivory
Chapter 11: Banning Violent Video Games in Switzerland: A Public Problem Going Unnoticed
Michael Perret
Chapter 12: Toxic Gamer Culture, Corporate Regulation, and Standards of Behavior Among Players of Online Games
Thorsten Busch, Kelly Boudreau, & Mia Consalvo

Politics and Regulations
Chapter 13: The Right to Play in the Digital Era
Tom Apperley
Chapter 14: Against the Arcade: Video Gaming Regulation and the Legacy of Pinball
Carly A. Kocurek
Chapter 15: Curt Shilling’s Gold Coins: Lessons for Creative Industry Policy in Light of the 38 Studios Collapse
Randy Nichols
Chapter 16: The Ban on Gaming Consoles in China: Protecting National Culture, Morals, and Industry Within an International Regulatory Framework
Bjarke Liboriussen, Andrew White, & Dan Wang
Chapter 17: Regulating Rape: The Case of RapeLay, Domestic Markets, International Outrage, and Cultural Imperialism
Jennifer deWinter

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