Seminar: Critical Investigations of Digital Culture

A seminar series organized by the Digital Work and Living Research Group of the University of Manchester.

This series of seminars explores life, work, leisure, play in digital society. The focus is not limited to technological artefacts or devices that are digital, or to situations dominated by such objects. Rather, we will focus on contexts that have been reconfigured or re-worked as a result of the wider cultural transformation the digital represents. ‘Digital’ here is not just a kind of technology but a way of doing things, a patterning of experience with consequences for meaning-making across a wide range of activities and practices.

Upcoming Programme

11/11 2016 – 2pm-4pm Eduardo de la Fuente, James Cook University, North Queensland, Australia on ‘ The Social Life of Digital and Non-digital Surfaces?’, University Place, 4.214

16/11/16 – Chris Bissell, Open University on ‘Digital Radio’, University Place, 4.214

8/12/16 – Andreas Gregersen, University of Copenhagen on ‘Digital game ontologies’, University Place 3.2015

8/2/17 – Mustafa Ali, Open University on ‘De-colonial computing’, University Place, 4.210.

Anyone with an interest in digital culture/digital sociology is welcome to attend and participate. Please contact the organisers if you’d like more information about the series or the activities of the Digital Being and Work Research Group at the University of Manchester:

Anita Greenhill (

Graeme Kirkpatrick (


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