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Founded in 2003, DiGRA is the premiere international association for academics and professionals who research digital games and associated phenomena. It encourages high-quality research on games, and promotes collaboration and dissemination of work by its members.

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Executive Board

DiGRA is managed by a board of executives, selected by the voting members and appointed at the annual general meeting.

Distinguished Scholars

Since DiGRA’s founding in 2003, game studies has grown into a large, interdisciplinary community of researchers around the world.

DiGRA Chapters

Local chapters welcome DiGRA members and newcomers to meet, 
discuss and socialize. Learn more about each individual chapter in our directory below.

Research Resources

DiGRA Digital Library includes the conference proceedings of DiGRA annual conferences (this is, hundreds and hundreds of conference papers!) and selected publications from chapter events. ToDiGRA Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal associated with DiGRA that has been publishing work since 2013.

Digital Library

DiGRA’s Digital Library provides an open access archival service for research papers and proceedings from a variety of academic venues including DiGRAs flagship and regional conferences.

ToDiGRA Journal

ToDiGRA is a quarterly, international, open access, refereed, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to research on and practice in all aspects of games. ToDiGRA captures the wide variety of research within the game studies community combining, for example, humane science with sociology, technology with design, and empirics with theory.

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