CfP: AIIDE playable experiences


I’ll keep this quick: our community produces numerous interactive media that showcase novel applications of AI. We don’t formally recognize the artifacts and interactive systems from our work as much as we should.

As such, the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment will be showcasing these accomplishments through a track solely for these completed experiences. If you have built any kind of innovative AI-based or AI-augmented experience I would urge you to submit to the AIIDE playable experiences track. Below are details on the submission and the full call for submissions.

– Submissions: July 1st, 2016
– Final submissions: August 1st, 2016

Submission details:
– 500 word abstract
– link to playable experience
– (optional) instructions on how to play

Submit HERE

Thanks and we look forward to seeing what you’ve made!


Indie developers, industry developers, and researchers who are developing innovative AI-based games or other interactive media (“playable experiences”) are invited to submit their work to the playable experiences track. We welcome playable experiences that involve some articulable innovation in the use of AI that directly affects the user’s experience. This includes novel game designs that leverage existing AI techniques, as well as innovations in the techniques themselves that lead to new kinds of playable experiences. Playable experience submissions should be sufficiently complete and polished enough for naïve users to play them. Authors should submit a 500 word extended abstract describing the impetus behind the playable experience, how AI has motivated its design (or vice versa), and what they see as its primary innovation(s). The abstract should include a publicly accessible link to a web-based, mobile, or downloadable player experience, and instructions for how to play it; this link must remain live at least through the end of the conference. Playable experience review is not blind. The abstract will be published in the conference proceedings, and the authors will have the opportunity to show their playable experience during the evening poster/demo session of the AIIDE-16 conference.



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