Book Announcement: Digital Badges

Rudy McDaniel and Joey Fanfarelli are proud to announce their newest book with Routledge.

Designing Effective Digital Badges is a hands-on guide to the principles, implementation, and assessment of digital badging systems. Informed by the fundamental concepts and research-based characteristics of effective badge design, this book uses real-world examples to convey the advantages and challenges of badging and showcases its application across a variety of contexts. Researchers and professionals in game development, education, mobile app development, and beyond will find strategies for practices such as credentialing, goal-setting, and motivating their learners.

Some Topics Include:

  • How Are Badging Systems Constructed?
  • What Can Badges Do?
  • How Do Badges Shape Behavior?
  • Using Badges in Videogames, Online Learning, Mobile Apps, Military Applications
  • Badging System Testing and Evaluation

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