Book Announcement: “How To Play Eddo Stern,” Domenico Quaranta

Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age has just released “How To Play Eddo Stern”, a critical monograph on the avantgarde artist and game designer Eddo Stern written by Domenico Quaranta and co-produced with Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel.

The digital version can be downloaded here:

The print version will be soon available through Link Center for the Arts + Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel.

Below is the full synopsis:

Artist and game designer Eddo Stern explores the uneasy and otherwise unconscious connections between physical existence and electronic simulation, surrounding the subject matters of violence, memory and identification. A game manual, a catalogue, a making of and an archive, “How to Play Eddo Stern” revolves around a selected body of works developed with di(erent media that can be understood as “games”. Featuring an essay by Matteo Bittanti entitled “Radar, Envisioneer, Artist. Two or Three Things I Know about Eddo Stern”, the book is a deep dive into the massive amount of small bits and pieces that make up the folders of Stern’s game projects: 3D models, texture maps and atlases, backdrops, animation frame sequences, code snippets, circuit diagrams, as well as emails, design documents, meeting notes, and installation diagrams. Co-produced with Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel.


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