Book Announcements: Religion in Games.

For those interested in the relationship of games, gaming and religion, I’m happy to do a little self-promotion and announce two (German) books that have recently been released:

1) Steffen, Oliver (2017): Religion in Games. Eine Methode für die religionswissenschaftliche Digitalspielforschung. Reimer: Berlin 2017

(this book provides a methodological framework for the study of religious contents in games, combining religious studies and game studies methods)

Information, flyer, extract and order at:

2) Steffen, Oliver (2017): Gamen mit Gott. Wo sich Computerspiele und Religion begegnen. Zürich: Pano 2017

(> this book is an easy read popular scientific book on religion in games, religious games, religious gamers and religious answers to games)

Information, flyer, extract and order at:


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