Book: Choosing and Using Digital Games in the Classroom: A Practical Guide

Dear Fellow Educators, Researchers, and Others!

My new book on game based learning and pedagogy, “Choosing and Using Digital Games in the Classroom: A Practical Guide” is now in print and available on Amazon and other book retailers:

This book presents an in-depth overview of the uses of digital games in education, from K-12 up through post-secondary.  Beginning with a look at the history of games in education and the context for digital games, this book guides readers through various methods of serious game implementation, including the Magic Bullet Model, which focuses on the player’s point of view of the game experience. The book also includes methods of measuring the effects of games in education and guidance on creating digital game-based learning lesson plans.

This book is full of lists and practical advice on how to evaluate and use games in the classroom. It takes you from the theories that underpin both learning and teaching with games to the practical application of these theories. There are dozens of strategies for using games in the classroom and templates to help you design and build lesson plans for single classes or entire courses.

For those at universities that have SpringerLink, it is possible for your students to obtain their own personal printed copy of the eBook for $24.99 (

Feel free to forward to anyone you think might be interested!

Katrin Becker, MSc, PhD, Cert. Serious Games, CAID member (sent from Mink Hollow)
Author: Choosing and Using Digital Games in the Classroom – A Practical Guide, Springer, 2016
and The Guide to Computer Simulations and Games, Wiley, 2011 HomePage: Blog: Amazon:


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