Book: Computer Games and Technical Communication

Ryan Moeller and Jennifer de Winter are pleased to announce the publication of our new edited collection _Computer Games and Technical Communication: Critical Methods and Applications at the Intersection_. We have brought together 16 chapters that explore this intersection in meaningful ways, including documentation, dispersed labor, gender and ethics, professional discourse, and pedagogy. You can see the table of contents and read the intro on Ashgate’s site or on

Like many an academic book, the hardcover price is stupid expensive, about $120 (Sorry!). The good news!: There is a 50% off discount code shared here: 50AYY14N. You can use this when ordering from Ashgate.

The editors would like to thank those that helped in getting this book out there, but in particular, the excellent contributors of this volume deserve all the credit. They are Judd Ruggill, Ken McAllister, Jeff Greene, Laura Palmer, Marc Ouellette, Carly Kocurek, A.V. Luce, Anthony Sansone, Alex Tilley, Carmen Blandino, Josh Zimmerman, Stephanie Vie, Kevin Moberly, Jennifer Bay, Samantha Blackmon, Melissa Bianchi, Kyle Bohunicky, Jennifer Grouling, Stephanie Hedge, Alyssa Schweigert, Eva Grouling Snider Ritter, Sameer Ansari, Scott Daner, Sean Murray, and Ryan Reeves.


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