Book: Orizzonti di Forza by Matteo Bittanti

Orizzonti di Forza. Fenomenologia della guida videoludica (Horizons of Forza. Phenomenology of Ludic Driving), has been published in the ongoing LUDOLOGICA series (volume 27).

Matteo Bittanti writes:

In these pages, I discuss the system of automobility (John Urry, 2004) through a particular filter: the racing game genre, and specifically, Forza Horizon and its sequel. Along the way, I picked up chatty hitchhikers, including Paul Virilio, Jean Baudrillard, Chris Burden, Cory Arcangel, several ghosts and a few drivatars. Overall, it has been a fun ride.

Here’s the book page with the inevitable trailer, the predictable presentations, and the irresistible excerpts. Wait, there’s even a table of contents and a full synopsis:

(trigger warning) Readers beware: the text is encrypted in Italian. We speak no Americano.

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