Book: Play Matters by Miguel Sicart

Play Matters, published by The MIT Press in the Playful Thinking series, is now available for purchase.
A note from the author:
“You can buy it through MIT Press ( or preferably through your local bookseller. Support local booksellers.

Play Matters is a labor of love, and probably the book I am the most proud of. It is a manifesto for a culture of play, and as such it is meant to provoke, irritate, illustrate, and take a stance. I guess I’m now old enough so I can take stances.

It’s a short book, fairly easy to read if you’re not an academic. If you are an academic, there’s over 250 endnotes for your enjoyment.

Publishing a book is great and terrifying. Now it’s out there, hopefully making a mess, enraging and challenging and illuminating people.”


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