Books: Two new books on Games and Learning

“Game Camp: Out-of-School Language and Literacy Development” and “Video Games and Second Language Acquisition: Six Genre Case Studies”

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Game Camp: Out-of-School Language and Literacy Development

“Students require new skills for learning and working in the 21st Century such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, information-technology literacies, and competence in languages. Media education can help students learn to be critical consumers and creative producers of personally relevant and powerful communication. Unfortunately, these skills and experiences are difficult to acquire in traditional educational settings due to limited time and resources. This book describes a unique out-of-school language and literacy program in which Japanese high school participants played video and board games to practice English communication skills and improve their game literacy, worked in teams to make computer games using a free online game creation tool, then created advertising and prepared for an English interview at a small public game show. Each chapter in this book outlines the theoretical and empirical framework for a specific project, provides evidence for the multifaceted learning outcomes, and offers implications for teachers and researchers interested in language and literacy education.”
Video Games and Second Language Acquisition: Six Genre Case Studies

“Video games’ numerous and repeated dialogues, instructions and menus may be useful to second language learners. Students who play video games in their foreign language can experiment with interactive worlds and stories. Unique video game systems and feedback can also help learners understand and practice words and grammar in context. The potential for language learning with video games is critiqued in these six investigations of popular game genres. Each evaluation is based on tests, observations, interviews and diary data that provide evidence for various successes and failures of video game based language learning. Implications and recommendations are offered for researchers, teachers, students and designers interested in video games and language learning.”

Paperback and electronic versions are available.

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