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Call for Papers – DiGRA Italia: Made in Italy – Roma, 15 December 2017

We are happy to announce DiGRA Italia‘s next conference!
The main theme for this event is Made in Italy: we are going to investigate the production, consumption, history and criticism of video games in/about/around Italy. We are interested in contributions on:
– History and frontiers of video game development within the country
– Reception studies and subculture theories on the Italian video game scene
– Discourses surrounding video games on national mainstream media
– Representation of Italian history and culture within video games
– Players and audiences: fan cultures, YouTubers, mainstream and hardcore gaming
– Preservation of video game texts in Italy: museums, emulation, archives
Submission deadline: 6th October.
While the theme of the conference might sound (pen)insular, the Call for Paper is open to submissions in English and by international scholars.
Our hosting institution is VIGAMUS, the video game museum in Rome, Italy, which is in itself worth a visit if you are travelling from abroad.
The conference is the second national event this year from the Italian DiGRA section. Our first meeting at IULM, in Milan, in May 2017, proved to be successful beyond our expectations. We are organising a second conference to gather the growing number of researchers, practitioners, artists and teachers who work with video games in the country, as well as international scholars interested in work on the Italian field of production, consumption and representation. Game studies in Italy are gaining momentum, and it is a splendid time to join in!
For further information, please write at digraitalia@gmail.com
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