CfP: 6th International Conference on Intelligent Technology for Interactive Entertainment (Intetain 2014)

Creativity is a widely accepted concept loosely referred to as a resource or a capacity to bring about ideas and visions transformed into a body of work. Creativity encompasses making, playing, and designing meaningful opportunities such as interactive media systems and experiences. For INTETAIN 2014, we welcome researchers in science and engineering and creative practitioners to come together and explore how shared media networks, production, and experiences may make use of a notion such as distributed creativity.

Location: Columbia College Chicago

Dates: July 9 – 11, 2014




New Deadline for General Call for Research Papers, Panels and Workshops:

February 10, 2014


Special Sessions in Development

·         Radical publishing

·         Distributed media production

·         Health care

·         Interactive media for scientific education and presentation

·         Branded video entertainment

·         Immersive and interactive audio

·         Business plans for new media technology start-ups

·         Comedy

·         Interactive media for urban architecture


Researchers interested in submitting a paper for Special Session should contact Elsa Tullos for more information, etullos@colum.edu


Theme: Distributed Creativity



NEW – Submission Deadline 

February 10


Acceptance  Notification March  10:PapersAcceptance Notification

March 20: Other Acceptance Notification

April 15: Camera Ready Submission


Accepted submission will be published in INTETAIN 2014 Proceedings.


Types of Submission

• Papers; Posters; Panel Discussions

• Special Sessions (Papers on a curated topic)

• Workshops (Half-day)

Intelligent Interaction Creative Showcase

The Showcase will present live demonstrations of creative applications

Game Jam Research Proposal

Research Proposals will be accepted for study of an annual 24-hour Game Jam held at Columbia College Chicago in early May. Proposals will detail data collection methods. Selected proposals will be prepared for data collection to be performed during the May 2014 Game Jam.


Resulting data will be provided to the proposers before May 31 to prepare a discussion.



Supporting  and  Eliciting  Creativity Technology that helps people be creative

Architecture to support Distributed Creativity

          In performing, playing, and producing

Sensors + Signal processing for data fusion

         Intelligent Integration of multiple sensor types and fusion scenario

Play and Performance

         Gesture recognition and applications

Measuring creativity

        Social Sciences and Computational Sciences approaches

Computational Creativity

iAI humor, storytelling, painting, music


Sociology   and   organizational   structure Distribution and democracy in play and production paradigms, authorship


       Attention/distribution/fusion, intelligence

Interactive Storytelling

      Collaborative long form and short form

Cross-platform production and distribution

Teamwork and remote production

Multi-modal and cross-modal applications

Models that link Games, Broadcast, and Cinema

Emerging Authoring Platforms



Dr. Robin Bargar

Columbia College Chicago




Dr. Dennis Reidsma

University of Twente


Dr. Insook Choi

Columbia College Chicago

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