CfP: 7th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games, 2-4 Oct 2013, Bergen, Norway

7th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games
Computer Game Space – Concept, Form and Experience
Bergen, Norway, 2-4 October 2013

We hereby invite scholars in any field of studies who take a professional interest in the philosophy of computer games to submit papers to the 7th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games, to be held in Bergen, Norway, October 2-4 2013.

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Player experience and dynamics in computer games are structured around apparent spatial relations inside the gameworld. It is furthermore common to use spatial metaphors such as “action space”, “possibility space”, “experiential space” to explain central aspects of these games. For this conference we invite papers that aim to clarify and critically evaluate views about the nature of spatial relations in computer games. The papers may address such questions as: Is space in games fictional or real? What is the nature of space in games if it is not fictional? What are the formal properties of space in computer games? What is the role of spatial relations in defining interactivity? What is the relation between in-game spatial orientation and ordinary spatial orientation?

Accepted papers will have a clear focus on philosophy and philosophical issues in relation to computer games. They will refer to specific examples from computer games rather than merely invoke them in general terms.
In addition to papers that are directed at the main theme we invite a smaller number of papers in an “open” category. We are especially interested in papers that aim to continue discussions from earlier conferences in this series.
The abstracts should have a maximum 1000 words including bibliography. Please note if you intend your paper to fit in the “open” category. Deadline for submissions is 17:00 GMT, June 14, 2013. Please submit your abstract in PDF format through review.gamephilosophy.org. All submitted abstracts will be subject to double blind peer review. Notification of accepted submissions will be sent out by August 15, 2013. A full paper draft must then be submitted by September 25, 2013 and will be made available on the conference website.
We also issue a call for workshops to be held on October 1. Please contact the program committee chair if you are interested in organizing a workshop.
For information about the conference please visit 2013.gamephilosophy.org and gamephilosophy.org. A wiki-based bibliography for the conference theme will be made available.

Olav Asheim
Kristine Jørgensen
Rune Klevjer
Stephan Günzel
Gordon Calleja
Patrick Coppock
Olli Tapio Leino,
John Richard Sageng, program committee chair

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