CfP: African Game Conference 2014 (Lagos, Nigeria, Nov 20-21)

With the emerging gaming landscape on the African continent, Africa’s game development indies often struggle to find the necessary support to develop and compete with favourably with its counterparts in the developed World.
Key issues affecting these indies range from manpower development, funds access for game development, commercial channels to market these developed titles to monetization and micro-transaction models etc.
Our 2 day conference will focus on possible ways to help alleviate these challenges by bringing together industry professionals in Game Design and Development,  Visual, Audio, CGI and Animation development, Games and App Marketing, Government Regulatory Authorities, OEM’s, Telco’s, as well as Vendor Services and Organisation.  The aim is to share, discuss, combine and collaborate on novel products and solutions for the continental and global market.
The conference aims to advance infusing African stories and folktales into game development through art and businesses.
Themes of interest include, but not limited to, the following areas:
  • Game development processes, platforms and tools for product development.
  • Monetization, content marketing and acquisition, retention and development models.
  • Visual development tools and processes.
  • Audio and narration development tools and processes.
  • IP protection laws and governing policies against piracy and consumer protection.
  • Game localisation.
  • Scrum, Agile and Rapid App development and testing models and workshops.
Conference Web site: http://www.agconf.com/
We encourage submissions from diverse backgrounds and aim to promote the exchange of ideas between organisations and  researchers working in the above-mentioned areas. We invite submissions of more established ideas and methods as long papers (8 pages), preliminary work as short papers (4 pages), and demo/poster papers (2 pages).
For full information regarding submission procedures, please visit; http://www.agconf.com/sessions/call-for-papers/

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