CfP: AISB2019 AI, Games and VR

The 10th AI and Games Symposium at AISB celebrates 11 years since it first started in 2008 as AI & Narrative Games for Education.

The symposium is acting as a meeting place for researchers and practitioners from academia and industry who are involved with the design, development and evaluation of AI in the context of games.

In particular, the Symposium focuses on the application of artificial intelligence or intelligent-like techniques, frameworks and theories to the creation of intelligent games. AI can be used in any manner suitable in the game, from the algorithm to making the game more engaging, personalized, and/or interactive.

As an example, the following areas of research and practice are listed (this is not an exhaustive example) these can be applied to X (a game, or virtual reality, or design process, or any form of experience):

  • The use of AI techniques (e.g. planning, learning, evolution etc.)
  • The design and engineering of AI components
  • Automatic or semi-automatic procedural content generation
  • Intelligent or adaptive player interaction
  • AI for user analytics and/or modelling player behaviour.
  • Agent path-finding and/or decision-making
  • Use games (or simulations) as a platform for building intelligent agents
  • Environmental simulations
  • Interactive narrative generation
  • Intelligent Narrative Technologies
  • Experimental AI

Authors could be specialised in: AI, machine learning, planning, narrative, education and training, media, multimedia, virtual reality and virtual experiences, game design and development, game interaction design, characters design, interaction design and evaluation for children and/or adults, and any other relevant area.


The Symposium is usually run over one day in which the authors present their paper. A poster and demo session is also held usually over coffee time.

In all past years, we had one invited speaker.


PC Members:

  • Edward Powley (Falmouth University)
  • Mark J. Nelson (American University/Falmouth University)

Submissions: AI-Games-19

Important dates:

  • abstract deadline: 05/Jan/2019
  • paper deadline: 15/Jan/2019
  • notification: 15/Mar/2019
  • camera-ready: 25/Mar/2019

We invite submissions of the following kinds:

  • Extended Abstracts (2-4 pages)
  • Short papers (4-6 pages)
  • Posters (one slide, and one page for the proceedings)
  • Demonstrations (2 pages description of what is going to be demonstrated)
  • Tutorials (max 2 pages description of planned tutorial content)

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