CfP: Audio Mostly 2011 “A Conference on Interaction with Sound” – Coimbra, Portugal

Audio Mostly 2011– “A conference on interaction with sound”
in co-operation with ACM – SIGCHI
September, 7 – 9 – Coimbra, Portugal

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Audio in all its forms – music, sound effects, or dialogue – holds
tremendous potential to engage, convey narrative, inform, create attention and
enthrall. However, in computer-based environments, for example games and
virtual environments, the ability to interact through and with sound are still
today underused. The Audio Mostly Conference provides a venue to explore and
promote this untapped potential of audio by bringing together audio experts,
content creators and designers, interaction designers, and behavioral

The area of interest includes interactivity through sound, tools and methods
to support sound design work and evaluation and new and innovative
applications of sound. It implies cognitive, psychological and social research
studies, as well as applied research and technological innovations in audio
analysis, processing and rendering. The aim is to both describe and push the
boundaries of sound-based interaction in various domains, such as
entertainment, education, safety and health care.

The theme this year is “Sound and Context”

Sound is both an expression of an environment and a drive for change in that
context. The perception of sound as a context carrier emphasizes the interest
in exploring the interpretative value of sound and the way it can affect users
in context. By realizing the contextualizing potential of sound, researchers
and designers can enhance users’ experiences and provide richer sense making
contexts. Appreciating sound woven into contexts can also foster holistic
approaches that benefit overall design coherence.

The theme covers ways in which sound and music can be utilized as a way to
create context, in physical and virtual environments, and especially as a way
to enhance experience in interactive applications. We are interested in new
concepts, models, methods and tools for analyzing, creating and realizing
sound in context, dealing with location as well as with the contingent and
improvisational aspects of human activity and social circumstances. We are
seeking a new synthesis of knowledge in perception, cognition and psychology,
and the role of audio technologies in context. Such a quest includes the way
people may use sounds and music to personalize their identity, their
environments and social interactions, as well as how can we design sound to
convey meaning, values, information and emotions, and the relation between
these and modern technological development.

We do not limit contributions to narrow themes, because the Audio Mostly
conference series is strongly interdisciplinary and makes a space for creative
approaches. The following areas of interest are indicative, but not exclusive.

Areas of Interest (including but not limited to):
– Interactivity through sound and speech
– Sound and music in context
– Sound and music in games and other interactive applications
– Sound design for emotions, moods and values
– Sound design for information and mobility contexts
– Sound design for communication, education or therapy
– Alternative interfaces for interactive sound and music
– Affective audio interfaces
– Affective soundscapes
– Audio technologies for social networking
– Tools and methods for sound design
– Tools and methods for the evaluation of sound design
– Sound and music classification, recommendation and user feedback
– Semantic speech, music, and sound analysis
– Semantic audio processing
– Interactive composing, authoring and performance
– Generative music and dynamic composition
– Design of dynamic soundscapes
– Computational creativity techniques in sound design and music
– Cognition of sound and music

— Important dates:

Deadline for submission – Friday, April 29
Notification of acceptances – Friday, June 3
Final paper camera ready – Friday, July 8
Deadline for author registration – Friday, July 8
Conference – September, 7 – 9

— Submissions:

We ask researchers, sound designers and creators, game developers, audio
engineers, etc. who are interested in sharing their results, perspectives and
insights to a multidisciplinary audience, to submit full paper and posters by
the respective deadline. Please specify whether your paper is for a full paper
or a poster. Position papers from industrial strategists are also welcome.

– Full Paper format: up to 6-8 pages, anonymized, in ACM HCI Archival Format
with up to 150 word abstract.

– Poster format: the poster format is intended to provide a venue for
researchers and practitioners to discuss their work-in-progress. Submit a 2-6
page extended abstract or short paper prepared using ACM CHI Extended
Abstracts format.

— Conference Location and Venue:

The International Conference “Audio Mostly 2011 – 6th Conference on
Interaction with Sound” is hosted by Universidade de Coimbra, and will be held
at the Center for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC).

The Audio Mostly 2011 conference will be held in co-operation with ACM, and
all accepted articles will be published in the ACM Digital Library. Authors
are requested to use the ACM Word or LaTeX style templates to prepare their
articles. See:

Authors are required to classify their contributions according to the ACM
Computing Classification System. A majority of the work will probably be
classified accordingly:
H.5, I.5.2, I.6, J.4, J.5, J.7, K.3, K.4.1, K.4.2, K.8.0. For more
information, see:

Authors of accepted articles will be required to fill out and send in a
copyright form for approval by ACM. Accepted authors will be sent the ACM
copyright form and complete instructions.

For more information, please visit the conference website
http://www.audiomostly.com/ or contact us at info@audiomostly.com

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