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CfP: Blank Arcade Exhibit at DiGRA: Deadline 2/28/15

Blank Arcade arrives in Germany after its successful 2014 edition in Salt Lake City, Utah.Blank Arcade: Games out of Joint is more than just a sequel, mod or expansion pack. It revisits its own concept through an exhibition of experimental games and artworks that push the boundaries of game design and theory. The curators invite artists, scholars and designers to propose works that investigate and question the ‘instrumentality’ of entertainment. We are more and more surrounded by video games that propose to be more than just ‘for fun’: games for health, education, social and civic engagement and so on. But what else can games be? How can games be used for trouble-making, rather than problem-solving? How can games become environments for posing new questions about our society, beliefs, and lives in general?

Submitted works can include digital and analog games, video, intervention and traditional mediums. The curator of Blank Arcade: Games out of joint invite submissions for a showcase of games and related media to be displayed at the DiGRA conference at the Leuphana Centre for Digital Cultures, in Lüne­burg, Germany, May 14-17th. The conference typically has more than 200 participants, mostly academic scholars and designers interested in the new frontiers of the study of digital games. The works will be available for play by conference attendees and the visiting public.
Work may be handled and played with – please plan accordingly.

Exhibitors and artists must provide any technology or materials needed to present the work. Because of budget restrictions, agreements about shipping costs will be made with the selected applicants. Board games, card games, and toys are welcome as well as digital works. Artists will be responsible for setting up their own work (minor exceptions may be made). Submitters may elect to have their work shown on a video reel displayed in parallel to the exhibit.

Exhibitors may also be invited to participate in an Artist/Designer panel at the conference.

Submission Requirements:

Please visit the following website to submit your work for consideration:

Please visit the 2014 website for previous selections and artists:


2014 Exhibiting artists and designers included:  Roger Altizer, Barry Atkins , James Earl Cox Iii, Anjali Deshmukh, Josh Fishburn Brian Patrick Franklin, Christopher Wille, Lindsay Grace, Carolyn Jong, Tina Kalinger, Deirdra Kiai, Hartmut Koenitz, Aaron Oldenburg , Benjamin Poynter, Jean-Michel Rolland, Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook, Sweat and the University of Denver, University of California Santa Cruz Xylem Project Team

Deadline: February 28th, 2015

Additional information may be requested after review.

Lindsay Grace | http://www.ProfessorGrace.com
Twitter: @Mindtoggle http://twitter.com/mindtoggle

Paolo Ruffino | http://www.paoloruffino.com
Twitter: @Paolo Ruffino http://twitter.com/paoloruffino

The games and play experiences that most appropriately meet the shows theme and venue will be selected.

About DiGRA:
Founded in 2003, DiGRA is the premiere international association for academics and professionals who research digital games and associated phenomena. It encourages high-quality research on games, and promotes collaboration and dissemination of work by its members. It’s Executive Board is made up of a variety of international scholars.
DiGRA 2015 is being hosted at Leuphana University Lüneburg by the Centre for Digital Cultures, Gamification Lab and Art and Civic Media. The event will be held on May 14th-17th in Lüneburg, Germany.

More information about the 2015 conference can be viewed at : http://www.digra2015.org

Curated by Lindsay Grace and Paolo Ruffino






If you’d like to know more about last year’s event, a free PDF is available here:





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