CfP: Call for hosts for CHI PLAY 2018 – submit proposal by Sept 18

Lennart Nacke writes…

Dear CHI PLAY researchers,

We welcome submissions for bids to host and chair CHI PLAY 2018.

If you are interested, please send your bid directly via email to the
Chair of the CHI PLAY steering committee Lennart Nacke at
lennart.nacke@acm.org by September 18, 2015 with the subject: “CHI
PLAY Conference Hosting Proposal”.

The bid will be reviewed by the CHI PLAY conference steering
committee. There is no fixed format for your bid, but please list the
main organizers (general chairs/programme chairs), address their
relevant research and or teaching activities. It would benefit your
proposal if you are available for discussion with the CHI PLAY
steering committee at CHI PLAY 2015 in London, UK.

Further, please also highlight how the CHI PLAY conference series and
its community as a whole would benefit from your organizational team,
venue and specific location.

Kind regards,

Lennart Nacke
Chair of the CHI PLAY Conference Steering Committee


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