CfP: CHI 2014 Game Jam [4Research] (Toronto, Canada)

This hands-on workshop will provide participants the opportunity to create a video game and/or research Game Jam activities. Participants will collaborate with academics and practitioners throughout the CHI community. We will pose and answer research questions from diverse fields of study. The questions (from jammers for jammers) provide Game Jammers with specific challenges to design for.

Workshop at CHI 2014
Toronto, Canada,
April 26 – 27
9.00am – 6.00pm

We have five main goals:

1. Introduce jamming as research method
2. Learn by this method by doing it (learning by doing)
3. Identify the advantages (rapid, collaborative) of this method
4. Identify the disadvantages (difficult to generalize results, bugs in the prototype that may hinder the study)
5. Make a playable game

At the end of the two-day workshop (18 hours) we will share the results of the research with the wider CHI community to fuel discussion about Game Jams for research.

How to participate
We invite participants form multidisciplinary backgrounds to apply. Researchers, designers, developers and artists are invited to submit a proposal to menno.deen@fontys.nl<mailto:menno.deen@fontys.nl> that includes the following:

1. A one-page proposal
2. List of skills and expertise
3. Brief biography and a portfolio URL
4. Research question to study during the Game Jam (this is not mandatory)

Applicants will be selected based on their experience, vision and what they can contribute to the Game Jam.
Applicants can enlist as a team, but are encouraged to enlist as individuals to foster new social connections during the workshop.
Applications must be submitted by January 4th 2014. We will notify successful applicants by February 1st 2014.

Please note: Accepted participants must register for the workshop and at least one day of the conference

For more info: www.gamesjam.nl<http://www.gamesjam.nl>

We are looking forward jamming with you!

Menno, Robert, Alan, Amani, Regina, Allan, Ben and Floyd

Menno Deen
Fontys School of ICT
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Robert Cercos
Exertion Games Lab
RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia

Alan Chatham
CMU & Exertion Games Lab
RMIT University
Pittsburgh, Australia

Amani Naseem
Exertion Games Lab
RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia

Regina Bernhaupt
Toulouse, France

Allan Fowler
Waiariki Institute of Technology
Mokoia Drive.
Rotorua, New Zealand

Ben Schouten
Eindhoven University of Technology
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller
Exertion Games Lab
RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia

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