CfP: CHI PLAY 2016: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – Workshops and Courses

CHI PLAY 2016: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – Workshops and Courses
* Submission Deadlines:
* May 27, 2016: Workshop and course proposals, Student game competition
* July 15, 2016: Doctoral consortium, industry case studies, and works-in-progress
* CHI PLAY 2016
* The 3rd ACM SIGCHI Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play
* http://chiplay.org
* Twitter: #chiplay
* Austin, Texas
* October 16 – 19, 2016
CHI PLAY is an international and interdisciplinary conference (by ACM SIGCHI) for researchers and professionals across all areas of play, games and human-computer interaction (HCI). We call this area “player-computer interaction”.
The goal of the conference is to highlight and foster discussion of current high quality research in games and HCI as foundations for the future of digital play. To this end, the conference will feature streams that blend academic research and games with research papers, interactive demos, and industry case studies.
CHI PLAY grew out of the increasing work around games and play emerging from the ACM annual conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) as well as smaller conferences such as Fun and Games and Gamification. CHI PLAY is sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group for Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI).
Student game competition submissions: 27th May, 2016
Student game competition notifications: 24th June, 2016
Workshop proposal submissions: 27th May, 2016
Workshop proposal notifications: 24th June, 2016
Workshop participation submissions: 12th July, 2016
Workshop participation notifications: 12th August, 2016
Paper deadline: 15th July, 2016
Review deadline: 5th August, 2016
Decisions: 12th August, 2016
Camera-Ready Deadline: 19th August, 2016
As a SIGCHI-sponsored conference, CHI PLAY will consider submissions related to games and play. We encourage submissions on novel and innovative game interactions and mechanics and acknowledge that contributions on systems research may involve less extensive evaluation than more traditional research papers. We welcome submissions from all topics in interactive game research that are relevant to player-computer interaction, including but not limited to the following:
– Game Interaction
– Novel Game Control
– Novel Implementation Techniques that Affect Player Experience
– Evaluation of Feedback and Display Technologies for Games
– Gamification
– Neurogaming
– Persuasive Games
– Games for Health, Learning and Change
– Exertion Games
– Player Experience
– Virtual and Augmented Reality Games
– Games User Research
– Game Evaluation Methods
– Psychology of Players and Games
– Player Typologies
– Accessible and Inclusive Game Design
– Novel Game Mechanics Impacting Player Experience
– Casual Game Design Studies
– Social Game Experiences
– Serious Games
– Alternate Reality Games
– Tools for Game Creation
– Developer Experiences and Studies of Developers
– Industry Case Studies
Although we are interested in papers on the effects of various technologies, software, or algorithms on player or developer experience, technical contributions without clear indications of the impact on players or developers are not within the scope of CHI PLAY.
WORKSHOPS (4 pages excluding references in ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstract format, workshop at the conference)
Workshops allow conference participants that share a common interest to deepen their knowledge and meet in an interactive hands-on learning and discussion environment. They provide great opportunities for community-building at CHI PLAY. Workshops should focus on a theme in one of CHI PLAY’s core areas mentioned above. We especially welcome workshops that bridge the gap between practitioner and researcher knowledge or between communities. Workshops should provide novel perspectives and generate ideas about player-computer interaction. If you are passionate about this field, please consider organizing a workshop. Workshops can independently from the conference result in special issues of journals, wikis, websites, or books.
COURSES (4 pages excluding references in ACM SIGCHI format, course at the conference)
Courses at CHI PLAY should allow participants to learn new hands-on knowledge about player-game interaction, development and evaluation. They are great opportunities for industry pros to teach their knowledge to an interested audience and allow interdisciplinary knowledge development between practitioners and researchers. If you work in game development and are eager to teach a workshop at CHI PLAY, we look forward to your submission.

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