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CfP: Conference on play cultures at the University of Jyväskylä.

Dear games researchers,

We are organizing a small conference on play cultures at the University of Jyväskylä. Please find the CFP below, along with the link to the full text.


The increased visibility of play and games in society has affected areas outside the core areas of videogames and toys. Videogames are one of the biggest sectors of commercial media. Playing with and collecting toys is increasingly acceptable for adults. Gamification and different kinds of playful approaches are becoming part of everyday life and work.

How are gamer/player cultures changing? What kind of new play cultures are emerging? How is the growing economic significance of games and related media affecting the cultural meanings attached to games and play? What kind of roles are play and games being given in education? Can playing and gaming improve and maintain well-being? Has gaming become more culturally accepted?

The conference will address themes such as:

– videogames and gaming in media
– subcultures of play
– streaming and Let’s Plays
– gamification in different cultural contexts
– ludification and playfulness
– eSports cultures
– playfulness in learning and well-being

We accept abstracts in English or Finnish. Extended abstract should be 500 words, excluding the bibliography. In addition to the abstract submit a 50 word bio. Please send them in txt-format through the form on the conference website.

The deadline for submissions is 7 August 2016. Submit your abstract using the web form on the conference website.
Notification of acceptance/rejection 26 August 2016.
Conference registration deadline 19 September 2016.
Conference date 3 October 2016.

For more information visit https://www.jyu.fi/hum/laitokset/taiku/play-cultures/ or contact Raine Koskimaa, raine.koskimaa@jyu.fi

Jonne Arjoranta
M.Soc.Sci, PhD
Digital Culture
Department of Art and Culture Studies
University of Jyväskylä
D 308

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