CfP: “Creative Technologies – Create and Engage Using Art and Play” Edited by N. Zagalo and P. Branco

Since the dawn of humanity we have developed creative technologies such as ink, carving tools, or sounding objects that support manifestations of creativity. Creative Technologies (CT) have always been the ground for human expressivity; to sustain self-realization; to raise self-esteem; to increase community bonds; and to create better societies.

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In the last 30 years the development and convergence of a series of technologies has led to phenomena different from anything Humanity has witnessed before. Online sharing, free, open source, accessible technological tools for creation have all enabled many more people to create and express themselves through digital media, leading to massive amounts of rich media content creation by the curious hobbyist all the way to artists and other professionals.

We believe that there is a new cultural movement taking shape. This movement is providing a “voice” through which anyone can express whatever their imagination can create to everyone. At the core of this emerging cultural movement are digital technologies that enable access to sophisticated tools for rich media content creation, interactive content, sharing of ideas, discussion and distribution.


*** TOPICS ***
We call for position papers on these specific topics:

. Democratizing innovation
. DIY movement
. Technologies and Creative Play
. Tools for Authorship and Participation

Authors are asked to submit first an abstract proposal of 250 words that will be reviewed for acceptance. After that authors will then be requested to submit full paper which will go through peer-review process.

Submissions and any question, or doubts should be sent to:

Abstract submission (250 words): 10th May 2014
Notification of acceptance: 15th May 2014
Full paper submission: 30th of July 2014
Revisions Notification: 30th August 2014
Camera Ready: 15th September 2014

*** About the Editors ***
Nelson Zagalo is professor at the University of Minho. He got his PhD on Communication Technology from the University of Aveiro about new interaction paradigms in virtual environments. He is director of the Master on Interactive Media and co-chairs the research group engageLab. Founder of the Portuguese Society of Videogame Sciences, has published mainly in the domains of videogames, film studies, interactive storytelling and emotion. He is author of the book “Interactive Emotions, from Film to Videogames” (2009) and “Portuguese Videogames: History, Technology and Arts” (2013), and editor of the book “Virtual Worlds and Metaverse Platforms: New Communication and Identity Paradigms” (2011).

Pedro Branco is professor in the Department of Information Systems at University of Minho and co-chairs the research group engageLab. He worked as researcher at the Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics and later at IMEDIA in Providence, RI, USA in the areas of human-computer interaction. He received his doctorate degree in Information Systems from University of Minho in 2006 on facial expression analysis for assessing user experience. His research interests spans several areas of human-computer interaction such as interaction design, novel interfaces, and the intersection of those with interactive art. He is currently director of the Master Course in Technology and Digital Art at University of Minho. He works closely with students from a wide range of backgrounds developing interactive systems that explore a synergy of technology and aesthetics, exploring future directions for our interaction with technology.

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