CfP: Cross-over between Safety-critical Systems and Video Games, Workshop at Fun and Games, 4-6 Sept 2012

Fun and Games 2012, 4 – 6 September 2012, Toulouse, France

WORKSHOP: Cross-over between Safety-critical Systems and Video Games

Contradictions and Commonalities


Goal of this workshop is to gather researchers and practitioners interested in cross fertilization between safety-critical systems and video games theory and practice.

Submissions focusing on the “cross-over” between these two areas are welcome.

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Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

* the application of video game (design) concepts,
methods, processes etc. in the area of safety-critical systems

* the application of solutions, concepts, methods, processes from the area of safety-critical systems to video game

* the design, development and investigation of autonomous behaviors in video games or safety-critical systems

* the application of 3D and innovative interaction
technologies from the video games to safety-critical systems

* the comparison of current state of knowledge in terms of interaction
techniques both in the area of safety-critical systems and video games

* analysis and comparison of input devices used in both area

* analysis and comparison of processing capabilities (DSP, GPU, CPU, …)
of the hardware platforms for video games and safety-critical

Application areas span from aeronautics, air-traffic management
or satellite ground segments and more generally command and control
systems to platform games, MMOPRG, games on mobile devices…

Experience in games design, programming, development, evaluation …
is welcome.

We would like to have a special focus around the study of
autonomous behavior in both domains/areas.

Participant Solicitation and Selection

– Workshop participation will be based on an (up to) six
page position paper (must be formatted according to ACM SIGCHI
Publications Format ) describing interests and previous work in the
topics of the workshop. Selection will be based on the quality of the
abstract, answers to the list of issues, the extent (and diversity) of
participants backgrounds. We welcome participants both industry and
academia and particularly welcome participants with a familiarity with
user interfaces dealing with autonomous objects and systems.

– We envision two main types of contributions: problems contributions
bringing case studies or theoretical problems and solutions
contributions bringing solutions already proven efficient in one of the
domains considered.


Submission: Friday 28th June, 2012
Notification: Wednesday 18 July, 2012
Workshop September 4, 2012


Eduardo García. CRIDA. egarcia@crida.es

Philippe Palanque. IRIT-ICS. Philippe.Palanque@irit.fr

Regina Bernhaupt. Ruwido. Regina.Bernhaupt@ruwido.com

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