CfP: CUNY Games Festival, Jan 17 2014, NY, USA

Mark your calendars. The first annual CUNY Games Festival will take place on January 17, 2014 at the CUNY Graduate Center. This one-day conference to promote and discuss game-based learning in higher education will bring together faculty, students, game designers, and other domain experts from various disciplines. Open to the public, the conference features an Arcade, where attendees can play learning games and games-in-progress, and sessions to address such questions as:
  • Apart from engaging college students, what real learning can happen through games?
  • What relevance does the broader debate about gamification have to higher education?
  • Should games be read, analyzed, or even replace texts in a course?

The CUNY Games Festival, http://gamesfest.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

The plenary session includes a diverse panel of scholars and game designers: John Black (Teachers College, Columbia University), Robert Duncan (York College, CUNY), Joey Lee (Teachers College, Columbia University), Anastasia Salter (University of Baltimore) and Eric Zimmerman (New York University).


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