CfP: Doctoral Colloquium on Games and Play – DiGRA 2011

Doctoral Colloquium on Games and Play DIGRA 2011

At the DIGRA 2011 conference 15-17 September, we seek to connect game and play research to the creative industries and society by fostering an integrated practice of research, design, engineering and entrepreneurship. The Doctoral Consortium at the DIGRA 2011 Conference will bring together +- 15 PhD students researching Games and Play for an afternoon of presentations and interactions with the organizers. We specifically encourage students who’s research focus is on: Game Design, Playful Interaction, the Role of play in contemporary culture and Playful Identities

Because the students are selected chiefly on grounds of research excellence, their research represents the state-of-the-art in research on game and play. The Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity to shape, discuss and improve the research of the selected PhD students through intellectual exchange as well as for the students to present and communicate the character of their work to a key group of their peer professionals. The DIGRA 2011 Doctoral Consortium brings together the best of the next generation of researchers in the design and research of Games and Play. This allows them to create a social network both among themselves and with several senior researchers, as well as actual collaborations, which plays a major role in their enculturation into the profession. This is particularly critical for PhD students in the more interdisciplinary fields.

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The programs will consist of:
• Short presentations (max 10 min) for each PhD Student;
• Discussions on critical subjects in Games and Play on the basis of submission;
• Networking and exchange resulting in actual collaborations.

PhD students who like to attend to this unique workshop are to send in:
• A small presentation on their research and themselves;
• One or more urgent topics that should be discussed, consisting of: a short abstract, short literature study, practice, etc.

Based on the contributions, the organizers will select and invite the PhD students and compose a more detailed program.

The deadline for submission is August 15, 2011.

Please send your contributions to menno.deen@fontys.nl
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