CfP: EduGaming Conference – Aug 4-5, 2014 (Pennsylvania, USA)

The Edugaming Conference is seeking paper proposals from the academic, creative, and industrial communities for our inaugural event.  This conference is underwritten by an Advanced Technological Education Grant from the National Science Foundation and will take place at Lehigh Carbon Community College (Schnecksville, Pennsylvania).

Lehigh Carbon Community College   •   www.edugamingconference.com

 With a focus on board and computer games that teach concepts to the player, this conference will focus on active presentations that get the attendees involved and engaged.

Through this annual event, we aim to disseminate the most recent, groundbreaking work on both board and computer games used as tools for education and learning. This includes games that teach beyond the core subjects.

The Edugaming Conference is for K-12 & College educators, academics and industry leaders to come together with the goal of making educational games as effective and useful as possible.

Presentations with active components are preferred. Reviewers are looking for innovative practices, new ideas, and active learning opportunities.

Submissions will be accepted until April 30, 2014.

Who Should Attend:

●      K-12 & College Educators interested in using or already using games in their classrooms

●      Academics working in Game Based Learning

●      Companies that create Educational Games

●      Curriculum Designers

●      Game Developers

●      K-12 Administrators

●      Government Officials interested in Game Based Learning

●      Interested College and University Students

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