CfP: Entertainment Computing (ENTCOM) – Special Issue on Games and AI

Entertainment Computing (ENTCOM) – Elsevier

Special Issue on Games and AI
Special-issue editors:
Karl Tuyls, Mark Winands and Yngvi Björnsson

This special issue of Entertainment Computing will publish high-quality papers on Games and AI, aiming to reflect the wide spectrum of AI in game research. We invite quality contributions that advance the state-of-the-art in various domains of Games and AI.

Games are an ideal domain for the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as they are not only fun to play and interesting to observe, but also provide competitive, dynamic and challenging environments that model many real-world problems. With entertainment and games becoming increasingly more intertwined into our society, e.g. as witnessed by the fast rise of the video-game industry, the need for more socially rich interactions and more realistic modeling in games continues to provide AI in this domain with never-ending challenges. The study of AI in games was thus over the decades expanded from being mainly concerned with decision making in abstract board games to a highly diverse
research field.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

* Multi-agent models in games
* Video Game AI
* AI for Board and Card Games
* Game-Tree Search
* Adaptive Game AI
* Tactical and real-time pathfinding
* General Game Playing
* Knowledge Representation Models for Games
* Machine Learning for Games
* Opponent modeling

Authors should follow normal ENTCOM guidelines for their submissions, but clearly
identify their papers for this special issue during the submission process.

See for more information.

Extended versions of previously published conference papers are welcome providing the journal paper provides a significant extension (30% more content) of the conference paper, and is accompanied by a covering letter explaining the additional contribution.

* Deadline for submissions: March 30, 2011
* Final decision due: August 15, 2011
* Tentative publication: End of 2011/ Early 2012

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