CfP: eSports and professional game play (Special Issue VGAlt)

The purpose of this special issue is to investigate the rise of eSports.

Much has happened in the area of professional gaming since the Space
Invaders Championship of 1980. We have seen live Internet streaming
eclipse televised eSports events, such as on the American

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that

  • Examine the emergence of eSports
  • The uses of streaming technology
  • Traditions of games that support professional players – chess, go,
  • bridge, poker, league of legends, Dota 2, Starcraft
  • Fan perspectives
  • Professional player perspectives
  • Market analysis
  • Meta-analyses of existing research on eSports

Answer specific questions such as:

  • How should game user research examine the emergence of eSports? Should we differentiate pragmatic and hedonic aspects of the game?
  • What are the methodologies for conducting research on eSports?
  • What is the role of player, the audience, the developer, the venue?

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