CfP: First Person Scholar’s Pseudo Game Jam

It’s a pseudo game jam. It’s not located anywhere and you don’t have to program anything. We’re looking for written descriptions of the processes and procedures that make up a game. We call them procedural poems. Here’s what you need to know: there’s a grand prize valued at $170, submissions are due July 31st, 2014, entries are 300 words max. Visit http://www.firstpersonscholar.com/pseudo-game-jam/ for more details, including an example procedural poem, and the submission form.

More Info About the Pseudo Game Jam

The idea behind the pseudo game jam is to allow virtually anyone to easily prototype an idea about a game. We aim to accomplish this by shifting the focus away from technical constraints onto the expression of an idea or argument through the description of processes. We think of this as a kind of ludo-poiesis – the art of making through gameplay. Our hope is that at the end of the jam we will have dozens of procedural poems that readers can ‘play’ in their minds. The procedural poems themselves describe the set-up and play-through of a game (max. 300 words). And they need to fit the broad theme of ‘Rethinking Conventions.’

About First Person Scholar

First Person Scholar aims to occupy the niche between academic blogs and journals in establishing an informed, sustained conversation. Our articles are relatively short, thought-provoking pieces that are intended to stimulate debate on games and games scholarship. In that respect, our contributors are encouraged to take calculated risks with their submissions; we want to hear scholars think out loud about gaming in a way that challenges accepted definitions and practices. If journals document where games studies has gone, we are about where games studies is going. We are currently accepting submissions. For more details visit: http://www.firstpersonscholar.com/about/



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