CfP: From Comic Books to Weather Maps: Introducing Audio/Visual Media and the Environment (edited book)

Editors: Stephen Rust, Salma Monani, and Sean Cubitt

Currently, we are seeking abstracts for scholars interested in analyzing video games and the environment through in the context of Latin America, Asia, Africa or a transnational context. We have all of our other contributors lined up and we are ready to submit our formal proposal to Routledge for approval. Ideally we will be submitting our full proposal to Routledge on Sept. 1, 2013; so time is of the essence. Interested scholars should submit a 150-250 word abstract and CV to Stephen Rust ( as soon as possible. A completed first draft of the chapter (5000-7000 words including notes/references) will be due February 1, 2014.

From Comic Books to Weather Maps: Introducing Audio/Visual Media and the Environment is designed as a source book for readers, whether new to the field, or practicing scholars.  The collection includes works by well-established media scholars as well as new voices to examine non-print media through innovative and interdisciplinary ecocritical lenses. Key concepts of “frame,” “flow”, and “convergence” structure a dynamic collection, divided into three sections yet drawing together scholars who examine traditional visual texts, such as comics, photography, and film, those who examine traditional broadcast media, such as advertising, radio, television, and also those who investigate new media, such as video games, internet, and digital renderings of scientific data.  Short review chapters at the start of each section identify key theories and sketch past research.  Additional chapters, through extended analysis and case studies of key texts, demonstrate scholarship currently shaping the field.  In its breadth and scope, From Comic Books presents us with a unique survey of rich scholarship at the confluence of Media Studies and Environmental Studies.


Foreword: Toby Miller
Introduction: Steve, Salma, and Sean
Part 1: Frames for Visual Storytelling
Review to situate the section: Frames
Part 2: Flow in Traditional Broadcast Media
Review to situate the section: Flow
Part 3: Convergence through New Media
Review to situate the section: Convergence
Scientific Data
Video Games
Afterword:  Salma Monani


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