CfP: Game Education Summit North America 2011

Redmond Washington, June 22-23, 2011

The Game Education Summit North America (GES NA) hosted by DigiPen Institute of Technology is seeking paper proposals from the academic and game developer communities for GES. Through this annual event we aim to disseminate the most recent, groundbreaking work on curriculum development, teaching methodologies and design. The conference will also have a strong focus on games as education as well as game research. The 2011 GES NA mission is to bring academia and the industries that create video games together to share research and foster relationships that will benefit both groups.

Submissions will be accepted until February 25, 2011, however it is our intention to post accepted speakers and topics in January 2011.

Types of submission:
Panels or Presentations
Submissions are solicited of long papers, panels or presentations that address the following or related topics:

• Education (curriculum, accreditation, methods, integration, design and development)

• Course Development (Game Design, writing for games, games as art, sound design for games, ethics and game development)

• Administration (management, collaboration, grants, funding, starting a program)

• Research (Serious games, literacy games, games in health, military and other research)

• Industry (Partnership, student involvement, internships, entrepreneurship, games to market)

To submit:
• You must have an account on the Game Education Summit website to submit.

• If you already have an account, log in – then select the “My Account” button in the horizontal menu at the top of this page. Then, on your account page, select the Edit tab to add information.

• If you have not yet created an account with gameeducationsummit.com – you first need to create an account

• When you create your account, you will immediately be emailed a password and instructions with a link to login and set up your account and create your password.

• Once you have logged in with your account – you will see “Call For Papers Submission” link at the top of the page. You must be logged in to have access to this page for paper submissions.

• Fill out and submit the information. To begin the process, please submit a short abstract giving an overview of the topic that will be presented and what attendees will learn from the presentation.
See more detailed instruction for paper submissions here

Important dates:
25 February 2011 Deadline for submission in all categories

31 May 2011 Deadline for submitting the final and completed Long Papers

Submissions procedure
The submission form can be found at www.gameeducationsummit.com

All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Games Education Summit Advisory Board.

All accepted speakers and panel participants will be granted gratis admission to the conference and accepted papers will be posted on the Game Education Network after the conference.

If you have any questions please contact Judy Racino at judy@gamepathevents.com

For past conference information, please visit www.gameeducationsummit.com

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