CfP: hóPLAY competition

After last year success, AlhóndigaBilbao, the new Centre of Leisure and Culture sets up the ‘2nd International hóPLAY Videogame Competition’. The aim of this initiative is to acknowledge and award prizes to the most original, creative and innovative videogame productions and those that offer both a fun and educational approach. The competition comes within the framework of the ‘1st International hó PLAY Videogame Festival’, organised by AlhóndigaBilbao that will run from 2 to 18 of September.

The competition is opened to all companies who develop videogames, whose productions come within the objectives of the contest. Registration of videogames will be made via the website:, until 25 July 2011. On 31 July 2011 the selection of the finalist videogames will be published.

The competition has 6 categories that will be considered for awards. In each one there will be a single winner who will receive an economic prize of 6,000 euros. The categories are as follows:
* Prize for the best original idea. € 6,000
* Prize for the best creative design. € 6,000
* Prize for the best sound or music. € 6,000
* Prize for the best playability. € 6,000
* Special prize from the public. € 6,000
* Prize for the best Basque videogame. € 6,000

The complete terms and conditions can be consulted at:
For further information or contact:

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