CfP: ICA Game Studies 2015 pre-conference: “Gaming Bodies”

May 21, 2015
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Submission deadline: December 1, 2014

ICA Game Studies 2015 pre-conference: “Gaming Bodies”

Digital games have complicated notions of what a body is and what it means during and apart from play. Both digital and physical bodies are understood to influence – or be influenced by – gameplay experiences according to their unique traits, states, abilities, materialities, and governing systems. In gamespaces, digital bodies may be considered both as signifiers and agents of players’ intention and as independent entities functioning according to their inherent design. On the other side of the interface, physical bodies may be considered both as manipulators of game content and as being influenced by game events that they help create. In many ways, these interplays between digital and physical bodies are central to notions of play. The goal of this pre-conference is to shed light on the natures, functions, and interplays of digital and physical bodies in games, and how bodies are engaged in and influenced by play. “Bodies,” for purposes of this event, are broadly defined, including textual, visual, logical, and physical manifestations of players or their agents.

There are four submission opportunities: kick-off brainstorming, and extended abstracts for research reports, research posters, and game demonstrations.

Please see the complete CFP here: http://game.icahdq.org/ohana/website/?p=58381739


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