CfP: International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations special issue: Transmedia and Games

In this special issue of IJGCMS, we invite submissions that help us grapple with the relationship between transmedia and games. Transmedia means “across media,” (Jenkins, 2011), so it could refer to storytelling across media, or playing, writing, branding, learning, selling, creating and thinking across media, as well. Perspectives from a variety of fields—including education, design, computer science, advertising, communication, media studies, cultural studies, psychology or economics—are all welcome.

Guest edited by Dr. Karen Schrier (Marist College, New York).

The purpose of this special issue is to address these types of
questions, and consider the relationship between transmedia and games.
Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that:

· Present empirical findings on the use of transmedia and games
· Further our theoretical knowledge of games and transmedia
· Conduct meta-analyses of existing research on transmedia and games
· Present innovative case studies related to games and transmedia
· Explore design, production, or implementation models or
frameworks in relation to transmedia and games

Possible topics to consider, in relation to transmedia, are:

· ARGs
· Learning and education
· Fan, player, and audience participation
· Business and funding models
· Design and world creation
· Global and local participation
· Motivational factors
· Writing and storytelling
· Indie development
· Branding and marketing
· Co-creation between designers and players
· Ethical implications
· Distinctions among franchises, seriality, adaptations, and transmedia
· Multimodality and intertextuality
· Engagement, fun, and flow
· Defining and redefining transmedia
· Production and design processes

Potential authors are encouraged to contact Dr. Schrier
( to ask about the appropriateness of their
topic. Transmedial submissions are also welcome. Deadline for all
types of submissions: June 1, 2014.

Manuscripts should be submitted in APA format. They will typically be
5000-8000 words in length. Full submission guidelines can be found


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