CfP: Material Manifestations of Dislocation and (Re)connection Workshop at ECSCW 2019

* Material Manifestations of Dislocation and (Re)connection*
in conjunction with ECSCW 2019 https://ecscw.eusset.eu/2019/
Sunday, June 9, 2019
Salzburg, Austria

Workshop Website: https://hci.sbg.ac.at/sites/material-dislocation/


  • Submission of position paper: April 8
  • Notifications to authors: May 2
  • Early bird registration: May 13
  • Workshop at ECSCW: Sunday, June 9
  • ECSCW main conference: June 10 – 12


This workshop focuses on the material qualities of dislocation. The process of humans becoming separated from each other is likely to have diverse consequences; from shifting frequency, modes, or routines of communication and collaboration, to completely alternate means of connection. In this workshop, we aim to discuss a broad range of material manifestations and implications of (researching and designing for) dislocation. While engaging with material qualities of dislocation, we will reflect on the state of the art, discuss research gaps and potentials, and explore hands-on how design can create opportunities for (re)connection in response to dislocation through the creation of tangible interfaces.

The aim of this one-day workshop is to explore how new forms of connections uniquely emerge in situations of dislocation, and what digital and physical materials and materialities are appropriate when designing for such situations. We therefore focus on how to design for (re)connecting in response to dislocation.

The key questions that guide the workshop are as follows:

  • Which physical / socio-cultural / material practices do exist, whether technologically mediated or not, to reconnect in case of dislocation?
  • Which materials or which interactive qualities are promising to be used for reconnecting?
  • How can material qualities account for the (often invisible) networked digital apparatus surrounding dislocated interactions?
  • How can we study the way material qualities in dislocation are actively adopted in everyday practices and how people give meaning to them?


In order to express interest in participation, interested researchers are asked to provide a position paper (ECSCW 2019 EP template via RTF, MS Word or LaTeX) that covers:

  1. an essayistic, empirical, theoretical, material, or designerly discussion of dislocation (3 page max.)
  2. the proposal of a material or artefact for exploration that the participants commit to bring to the workshop (1/2 page max.)
  3. Personal bio (1/2 page max.)

The position paper shall be sent via email to alina.krischkowsky@sbg.ac.at

For any inquiries please contact alina.krischkowsky@sbg.ac.at

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