CfP: Media Fields Journal Special Issue on “Scale”

From the editor:

Please find the call for submissions for an upcoming issue of Media Fields Journal on the theme of scale. In the general call, we tried to conceive of media as broadly as possible. I think that games studies, in particular, will have a lot to say about this topic. Please get in touch if you have any ideas for submissions, or if you have any questions. – Daniel Reynolds

Details after the fold:

Call for Submissions: Media Fields Journal 4: Scale
Media Fields Journal invites critical and artistic submissions on the theme of scale.

“Scale” at once denotes a difference in size, scope, or range, and assures us that such differences can be measured and defined. Media and scale have a long, complex, and ever-changing relationship that raises a number of questions, including:

* How does the size of a media object inflect its functions?
* What are the effects of “scaling” media up (say, to IMAX screens) or down (e.g., to iPods)?
* What is a large-scale production? What is a small-scale production?
* What is a “human scale”? How can media represent things that are not on a human scale?
* Who works “for scale”?
* How have various musical scales provided enabling or limiting structures for composers using them?
* What are the relationships between media and long and short temporal scales?
* In what ways do media function as measuring devices? In what ways are media measurable?

If you would like to explore these or any other questions related to the relationship between media and scale, please contact issue editors Meredith Bak and Daniel Reynolds by June 3, 2011.

Meredith Bak
Daniel Reynolds

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