CfP: Medieval texts/games

Designing, writing, or researching games in medieval settings?

Open Access Companion to the Canterbury Tales (full description of the project is here) is interested in including insights and/or media from someone within the gaming field. One part of the project is contributing digital resources to support readers who are interacting with Chaucer’s work.

Have you been inspired by medieval texts while designing a game? Have you studied a game within a medieval setting? How does medieval literature inform game design?

What specific literary passage, image, and/or artifact best exemplifies your own encounters with medieval English literature?

Participants can submit a 3-minute video/audio file and/or 500-word essay (with or without images) related to medieval texts or games. Contributions are due by Sunday, June 26.

Send any submissions or questions to Dr. Moira Fitzgibbons

call for papers

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