CfP: NCA Paper Session Proposals on Identity in Gaming

We are seeking 1-2 Papers/Panelists for a session on the topic of gaming and the self. Exploring how playing games challenges or influences one’s identity or subjectivity is our aim. We welcome different perspectives and methodologies from scholars who will engage the following question: What affects do games have on how we think of ourselves both within the game context and once we shut the game off?  Ultimately, this panel illuminates ways in which digital games can influence and aid in understanding the relationship between digital games and the self. We are currently considering the Human Communication and Technology Division but the division will ultimately depend on the papers we receive.

Please send 150-200 word abstracts to cecenbarger@bsu.edu for papers relating to the topic of identity and video games by March 12th. Topics include but are not limited to: identity politics, identity exploration, meaningful play, empathy and identification.

Contact: Charlie Ecenbarger, cecenbarger@bsu.edu


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