CfP: Religion in Digital Games – Multiperspective and Interdisciplinary Approaches – Special Journal Issue

“Religion in Digital Games – Multiperspective and Interdisciplinary Approaches”

Special issue of “Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet” (, due for publication in December 2013!

Over the past few years, the scientific analysis of digital games and their cultural and social impact has become a growing field of research in various scientific disciplines. Sadly, the issue of religion as an (explicit or implicit) factor in the construction and reception of game worlds, rules and mechanics has been vastly underrepresented in most studies on the field. This negligence seems rather unjustified given the vast presence of e.g. religious symbols, narratives and player actions in popular games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim , Bioshock: Infinite and many others.

The special issue on “Religion in Digital Games” seeks to contribute to filling this gap in games research through a multi-perspective and interdisciplinary approach. We herewith invite scholars from Religious Studies, Cultural Studies, Social Studies, Media Studies, Game Studies, Educational Studies, Economics, Theology and other related disciplines to hand in proposals for possible articles which deal with all kind of religious aspects in the context of digital games, i.e. computer games, console games, mobile games.

The articles could (among others) broach the issue of
– game aesthetics
– gaming culture
– reception and recipient research
– ludology
– narratology
– content analysis

In order to present a broad insight into the aspects of religion in digital games, we invite theoretical, methodical and empirical studies referring to these or related topics. We are looking forward to receive the title and a short abstract (max. 250 words) of the planned article until June 30th 2013. The language of the Journal is English, for proposals in other
languages please contact the editors beforehand.

Further important dates and deadlines are:

  • July 15th Notification on the acceptance of your proposal by the editors.
  • September 30th Submission deadline for full article.
  • October 15th Deadline for comments, requests of revisions by the editors (if necessary).
  • November 15th Submission deadline for revised articles.
  • December 1st Publication of the Online Journal.

Please send your abstract and / or further inquiries to the following e-mail

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