CfP: SiGGRAPH 2011 Game Papers

Submissions due 18 Janurary 2011, 22:00 UTC/GMT

Researchers are encouraged to submit Game Papers in which they present original work focusing on the design and experience of computer game play. Creative communities that design and develop commercial and non-commercial video games, as well as academic scholars studying video games, game play, human-computer interaction, and game culture are welcome to submit rigorous innovative work in the field. Game Papers explore key issues in video games, inform and substantively advance our current state of knowledge and understanding, and foster new areas for investigation that will drive the next generation of design and player experience.

Full details about the conference and information about submissions at

Suggested topics include:

* Analysis and understanding of the player experience
* Serious games
* Social network games
* Ethics and values in game play and design
* Experimental game design and game genres
* Social and cultural aspects of game play
* Transmedia storytelling, world-building, and games
* Avatars and character design
* Sound design and music in games
* Legal, and political aspects
* Narrative in games
* Aesthetic and critical analysis
* Game and game culture preservation and archiving
* Cross-cultural analyses
* Networked play (including consoles)
* Gender, race, and sexuality in games
* Co-creative culture (for example., modding, machinima, iterative “live” design in collaboration with a game community)
* Independent game development
* Economics and business models in the game industry
* Game production and labor

Submitters are encouraged to submit papers on other relevant topics as well. Researchers should follow SIGGRAPH guidelines on the various ways to participate. All papers will be reviewed by an independent scholarly committee, which will provide written feedback on each paper. Accepted papers are allocated a 20 minute presentation slot at the conference and published in Sandbox 2011: ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Proceedings. Questions about Game Paper submissions should be directed to T.L. Taylor (

In addition to formal papers, SIGGRAPH 2011 offers several other presentation opportunities, including Talks, Panels, Posters, and a variety of other formats, all of which welcome game-related submissions. Questions about submissions to those programs can be directed to Drew Davidson ( or Mark Elendt (

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