CfP: Symposium on Emotional AI – BICA 2014 – Nov 7-9 – Boston MA

This symposium will focus on emotions in artificial intelligence, a topic of increasing interest in many areas of research and development. We invite submissions in the form of papers or presentations reviewing recent/ongoing original work, and especially software demonstrations of different aspects of emotions in AI. Suggested topics include:

  • Advancing taxonomies and models of emotion
  • Generating emotions in AI
  • AI recognition of emotions in humans
  • Emotional content and tone in AI conversation
  • Uses for emotion in AI in training, games, social, or other applications
  • Do AI emotions need to look like human emotions?
  • Are emotions in AI “real” or only simulated?

Papers or presentations covering new work and results are preferred over philosophical work about emotions in AI, but submissions in the latter area will be considered.


Participants are invited to express their interest in participation immediately via email to Mike Sellers (mike@onlinealchemy.com), and then submit one of the following.

(1) An up to 500 word abstract and slides/images (in PDF form) of work to be reviewed and discussed in the meeting.

(2) A 2-4 page position paper including all authors’ names and contact information, description of the area addressed, and the significance of this work.

(3) An up to 6-page conference paper for publication in Procedia Computer Science (published by Elsevier; longer papers should be covered by Extra Page Fees).

(4) A journal paper (Letter or Research Article) for publication in the journal BICA.

In addition, authors are encouraged to email their short (100-200 word) biography to Mike Sellers.

All materials must be submitted via EasyChair. Only categories (3) and (4) may be published; summaries of other materials may be included in the program brochure. The EasyChair submission page for BICA 2014 will open soon; details will be available at http://bicasociety.org/meetings/2014/submission/

The cover letter should state at the beginning that the submission is intended for Symposium on Emotional AI.

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