CfP: The Computer Games Journal (Vol 4, Edition 1)

Following the purchase of The Computer Games Journal title by Springer Science+Business Media through its subsidiary Apress, we are pleased to announce a second general call for papers for 2015 publication.







As this represents a new-start for The Computer Games Journal, authors have a singular opportunity to have their work appear quickly in a rated publication through a leading publishing house.  All work published will be widely available across all relevant online research databases and will be co-distributed with leading academic publications, including Lecture Notes In Computer Science, going to the world’s leading research centres and beyond.

For the first Springer/Apress editions, Vol.4 Nos.1-4, we are seeking significant ground-breaking work which will set a trend for later editions, and perhaps also future special editions. The 2015 onwards editions of The Computer Games Journal will continue with the aims from the first tCGJ publication in early 2012: publishing work which is of good quality, interesting for a readership in research and in development, and which has something new to say to this mixed audience.

Expressions of interest, abstracts and full papers are invited to be submitted to  As has always been the case with the Computer Games Journal, all submissions will be acknowledged quickly and we will aim to respond in detail with feedback on reviews of full paper submissions within 2-3 weeks.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, programming, software engineering, design, music, artificial intelligence, advergames, marketing, business modelling, financing, artwork, simulation, narrative, socialisation, games as a creative industry, and, gender issues.


Dr John N Sutherland BSc(Glasgow) MSc(St Andrews) EdD(distinction,Edinburgh) CTh(Tilsley) CEng MBCS

Editor-in-Chief, The Computer Games Journal

Springer / Apress, New York, USA.


The Computer Games Journal is an imprint of Springer Science+Business Media and of Apress – “Good, Interesting & Novel games research” – “superior specialist information” – “for professionals by professionals”


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