CfP: “Using the Unreal Engine and Development Kit for Research Purposes”, Tutorial at ACE 2011 conference

“Using the Unreal Engine and Development Kit for Research Purposes”, Tutorial at Advances In Computer Entertainment 2011 (ACE 2011) conference, taking place at Lisbon, Portugal, 8th November 2011

Tutor: Dr Christos Gatzidis, Bournemouth University
Duration: Half Day

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This half-day tutorial offers a comprehensive overview of the use of Epic Games’ Unreal engine, in its Unreal Development Kit (UDK) guise, for research. As this tool is currently free for non-commercial purposes, it presents an excellent opportunity for researchers in practically all areas of computing, be it simulation, educational gaming, visualization or even medical virtual reality research, to work with an advanced, contemporary, current-generation games development application at no cost. The tutorial session first presents an introduction into the history and different versions of the Unreal engine, plus also several existing, published, key pieces of work which utilise the tool as the main platform, and then proceeds to explore the use of UDK for researchers taking their first step in approaching development using it.

Significant emphasis is placed in guiding the participants through the fundamentals of developing with the UDK (using parts of it such as UnrealEd, Kismet, Matinee and UnrealScript), with the explicit assumption of no prior knowledge of its operation or functionality (although usage of a personal laptop to follow along the tutorial exercises is encouraged). It is expected that by the completion of the tutorial the participants will have seen tangible examples of research work completed with the tool and, moreover, acquired valuable transferrable knowledge on the Unreal engine, which could then be applied in a variety of research excursions, in a range of different fields, all related to or within computing/computer entertainment research.

For more information on this tutorial and also the ACE 2011 conference itself please visit http://www.ace2011.org/.

For any questions please contact tutorials@ace2011.org or cgatzidis@bournemouth.ac.uk .

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