CfP: w00t.dk WaterGames

Water is such a fundamental element for play and games. We all have fond childhood memories of water games. Water can be the inevitable force against your sand castles, a safe surface you can land in while jumping after balls, the humiliating pond under you while dueling another player on a bridge. Water is something you can have trouble carrying, enjoy traverse and have fun splashing at other people.

Saturday the 31st of May w00t occupy the beautiful and classicistic Frederiksberg swimming hall. W00t call for games specifically designed for the swimming hall program.

The swimming hall has a huge “Olympic” pool with a low and a deep and, a smaller pool for playing around and a wonderful waterslide. Please check out more details on the swimmingpool’s webpage.

Register for the Open Call for Water Games already today. Deadline 1st of April.
Online registration at www.w00t.dk

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